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Our Followup Stories validate and expand your brand story.

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Media Followup Stories

We get you multiple media follow up, to tell your whole story. It is the key step after press release issuance that most people miss. News Followup is hard to get, with the number of journalists reducing every year.

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Media Expansion and Sharing

After your followup news stories go out, our social sharing and email campaigns extend your reach, so your target market can see you. Social media, email, notifications additional stories, blog posts.

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Additional Brand Mentions

Widespread brand mentions expand your reach, and strengthen your web presence. More press releases, blog posts, video stories, podcasts, slideshows, infographics.

What we do for you


Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling builds on a press release announcement, filling many gaps press releases cannot cover. Without our news media followup, your press release is just self-promotion that people may ignore. Followup stories provide third-party validation and tell much more of your story, they last longer, and may include multimedia elements.


Brand Identity

Followup stories help solidify your brand identity, the combination of your brand’s name, logo, graphics, colors, tagline, voice, positioning, and personality, in ways a press release cannot. More importantly, they power up your website ahead of competitors.


Third-Party Validation

Followup stories are written by independent journalists, adding third-party validation to your brand. Our followup combined with a sharing program is the missing element that places you all over the web, where your target market resides, boosting your reach and credibility. Press releases alone cannot not provide that reach.

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About Us

We have been writing stories for the web for more than 20 years. We love creating brand stories and following up after press release announcements. We converting staid press releases into living, breathing stories about you and your brand. That’s not all. Next, we 100x your reach by placing your story on hundreds of brand name media sites. We help you build connections with customers, prospects and influencers. All of this helps generate traffic for your outreach and marketing campaigns.

Who We work with

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Software/Technology Companies

You are a B2B or B2C Software or Technology company and you are good at what you do, helping to shape the future. Get your story told, showcase your brand message, and boost your online credibility.

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Financial Services

Financial services people and businesses use our services for the additional online credibility and reach. Your clients need to know who they are trusting to handle their money, and if a search for you tells them nothing, what do they learn from that? We get you all over the search results so when they search, you are there.

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PR Agencies and Publicists

You are a PR Agency or Publicist and you are great at crafting press releases and pitching stories. One big problem in todays environment is that there are about 7 times more of you than journalists. We fix that problem for you, delivering your first followup stories – fast.

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Personal Branding

Whether you are a CEO or virtually unknown, we can get you out there now. We write and publish your announcement and get it placed on hundreds of high profile corporate media sites, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates, and the AP. Then we get you followup stories, supported by multimedia, that reinforces your website and social media with a massive sharing campaign. Perfect for the C suite, business people, coaches, influencers, entertainers, authors, and artists.

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“Media Followup is the missing ingredient for business credibility.”

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